Media is full of nuances and Pat's depth of experience allows her to address needs in many organizations.  Here are some examples.

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 Big Mountain Productions
Television Packaging and Business Development

Big Mountain Productions

Newry, U.K. and Dundalk, Ireland


Philip McGovern and Jane Kelly created the series THE GENEALOGY ROADSHOW for RTE.  In the 2012 series, genealogists focus on how participants are related to “famous and infamous” people and events in Irish history. 


The challenge was to adapt the show for the U.S. audience.  How would it work as a format for a country with a population of over 300,000,000, representing diverse backgrounds?


Executive Producer Stuart Krasnow teamed with PBS and Big Mountain Productions to recast the show with relatable American history stories and a cross section of ordinary people in different regions of the country.  They discovered their own extraordinary heritage.


Based on the success of the first season, GENEALOGY ROADSHOW has been ordered for a second season on PBS.


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  Tern Television logo

Business Strategy and Marketing

Tern Television Productions



Tern is Scotland’s largest production company, with core competencies in television development and production, financial and contract management, and sales. However, it lacked a profile in the Los Angeles entertainment industry. Even after participating in group meetings with studios and networks, Tern had not succeeded in creating relationships or pitching business proposals when it approached Quinn Media Management for help.


To create new income streams through format sales, royalties, and U.S. production fees, we advised Tern in redrafting their television contracts to create ownership rights and exploitation opportunities, and prepared a feasibility study for supplying programming to the U.S. market.


Our research identified two successful reality/alternative programs for the U.S. market: How To Find a Husband in Ten Weeks and Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses.


Within a year, we assisted Tern in establishing relationships with twelve production companies and networks, pitching three shows and introducing Tern’s company and leadership.


The UK version of How to Find a Husband will air on the U.S. channel Fine Living beginning in April 2009, while five companies have requested we pitch a U.S. adaptation of the program using an American star. Meanwhile, using sales materials created for the American Market, Tern optioned SPA OF EMBARRASSING ILLNESSES to U.S. production company 44 Blue.

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 TV2 Norway logo     TV3 Ireland logo

Competitive Research and Insider Information

TV2, Norway and TV3, Ireland

Acquisitions and Coproductions for European Television Broadcasters


Acquiring top-flight American series, miniseries, and reality shows comprises the cornerstone of many European networks’ programming strategies. This approach requires custom calibration to a channel’s needs: identifying demographics, time slots, and available budgets, and furnishing qualitative and quantitative analysis to identify corresponding opportunities in the American television marketplace.

Quinn Media Management offers acquisition and coproduction consulting to a number of European companies by creating competitive development reports, researching studio pilots and series, and providing recommendations to match channels’ needs and price points. We also perform as the day-to-day liaison with studios and production companies to assist in these channels’ acquisitions.

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 A Many Spintered Thing cast

Television Packaging

A Many Splintered Thing


When the BBC canceled A Many Splintered Thing after six episodes, Chrysalis approached Quinn Media Management to explore new opportunities for the smart single-camera comedy. We developed a strategy to expose the show to select players in the Los Angeles production community, and arranged pitch meetings. The show was sold to Paramount, which added an A+ showrunner / executive producer, and made a deal at Showtime.
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 TRC Media logo
Business Strategy and Marketing

TRC: The Resource Center

Glasgow, Scotland


Through its International Programme, TRC provides tailored management consulting to the UK’s premiere emerging regional television production companies. Select groups receive one year of assistance to guide them into an increasingly important global marketplace by being introduced to key broadcasters, coproduction partners, and related strategic partners. However, despite its established routes in Washington, New York, and Toronto, TRC had been unable to gain a toehold in Los Angeles, having been warned that L.A. was “too hard” and “too cold.”

Beginning in 2006, Quinn Media Management helped TRC break into this vital marketplace with a multi-level plan that included a sales and marketing strategy to represent TRC as the UK’s hottest emerging producers.

In addition to formulating sales materials and conducting comprehensive training, we created a launch presentation package with a 3-minute demo reel and staged an exclusive “who’s who” reception at the home of the British Consul General. The outreach led to our securing meetings with 100% of TRC’s targets, which paved the way to establish TRC’s solid reputation as a group of qualified program producers.

2010 is the fourth successful season of TRC’s Los Angeles International Programme.


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