Motive Television PLC

Mick Pilsworth portrait


"If you want to build a presence on the West Coast, and keep tabs on what is happening in the industry in the US, then Pat Quinn and Quinn Media are definitely the way to go. Pat has been working with us for 8 years and is one of the best-connected consultants in the business. Every time I visit Los Angeles, the trip is planned down to the last detail, with great high-level introductions and thorough follow-up. If it wasn't for Pat we would not be as involved as we are in the US market."

Michael Pilsworth, Motive Television, London and Dublin


Quinn Media Management provides services to clients in the following arenas:

  • Consultancy, evaluation and information
  • Media platform development and talent development
  • International branding and marketing and business strategy
  • Television sales and international business development
  • Hollywood business development ,strategy and packaging
  • Television program acquisitions and co productions for European broadcasters
  • Literary representation and packaging
  • Teaching and training
  • Pro bono 

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