Spiralgroup logo"Pat Quinn is the Hollywood connection. Pat Quinn helps companies and individuals get entertainment deals done in Hollywood and throughout the world. Unlike competitors, Pat has 22 years of Hollywood experience and first-degree connections deep within the Hollywood community.


  • Pat connects you with the right people who have the right deals for your project.

  • Pat knows how to find and structure deals.


  • Pat chooses the best, shortest and most profitable path to get the deal done.

  • Pat can pinpoint the potential and explore all opportunities in production, publishing, film and television. 

  • Pat’s organized approach “plans the work and works the plan” to get the job done smart and fast.

  • Pat helps people be true to their mission and talents; keeps them focused.

  • Based on over 20 years experience, Pat helps people capitalize and improve on their strengths to meet the demands for success in Hollywood.

  • Pat’s mentor/protégé approach “teaches you how to fish”, giving you the rules, tools and methods for maximizing your chances for success. 

  • Pat preps you to present yourself in the best possible light to the best potential partners.


  • Pat commits to getting each job done.

  • Pat puts together creative projects and financing.

  • Pat takes personal interest…never pushes to a junior or makes you part of the Hollywood shuffle.

Stuart McFaul, Spiralgroup San Francisco


Quinn Media Management provides services to clients in the following arenas:

  • Consultancy, evaluation and information
  • Media platform development and talent development
  • International branding and marketing and business strategy
  • Television sales and international business development
  • Hollywood business development ,strategy and packaging
  • Television program acquisitions and co productions for European broadcasters
  • Literary representation and packaging
  • Teaching and training
  • Pro bono 

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