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Pat Quinn teaching"The Institute for Media and Entertainment is a management school for media executives; A place where seasoned professionals come to sharpen their management skills, and get quick and meaningful learning on important trends and executive practices.
We hire premier faculty from business schools around the world to deliver these programs. We also have a team of media professionals who supplement the academic approach of the faculty with real-world insights.
Pat Quinn has presented in our programs, focusing on digital technologies and their impact on business practices and revenue models. She expertly analyzes the evolving media landscape, identifies emerging technologies that are likely to disrupt business models, and presents methods to allow participants to understand how the changes will impact their own industry.
IME only works with industry experts who possess not only great content, but also compelling form. Pat is an outstanding presenter. She engages participants, leads an energetic discussion, and generates dialogue between participants. We have been very pleased with her contributions. So have our participants, from whom she has gotten very positive evaluations"

Richard Rappaport PhotoRichard Warren Rappaport
"I have known and worked with Ms. Pat Quinn for many years and regard her as as one of the finest agents within the entertainment industry today. As an attorney practicing in entertainment and the arts in Florida, New York and Washington. DC,  I will often rely on  her advice for the latest information on talent, television programming, and  project  development . I feel that Ms. Quinn is truly a Hollywood insider and an expert in areas such as television and its content. In this regard, Ms. Quinn has the capacity and experience to make the right decisions and is a superb advisor on business situations and solutions, demonstrating a thorough understanding of the the complex issues facing the industry in order to resolve them with speed and accuracy."
Richard Warren Rappaport, esq., Richard Warren Rappaport, Boca Raton and Miami
True North Productions, UK
“Pat Quinn’s wealth of experience, practical guidance and no-nonsense approach have been invaluable in our drive to make a lasting impact on the US market. Her knowledge of the industry – and its key players – is second to none and her ability to secure the right meeting at the right time is legendary. When it comes to a grasp of current TV programs and trends, she’s up to date and on the ball. She’s dynamic, hugely energetic and never takes no for an answer. The US broadcasting industry can be a minefield for newcomers, but Pat’s personal support and ability to spot opportunities has been of huge importance to us."

Glyn Middleton, Chief Executive, True North Productions, UK

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Quinn Media Management provides services to clients in the following arenas:

  • Consultancy, evaluation and information
  • Media platform development and talent development
  • International branding and marketing and business strategy
  • Television sales and international business development
  • Hollywood business development ,strategy and packaging
  • Television program acquisitions and co productions for European broadcasters
  • Literary representation and packaging
  • Teaching and training
  • Pro bono 

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